Fall Sunday….

Today was a productive day. Since my neck was hurting so bad yesterday I decided to get up and do a modified P90X workout. It was another cold, wet, dreary day so I didn’t feel like a run. I say modified because the video is an hour-long and so I throw some of my stuff in there since the guy talks too much. It really didn’t help much with my neck but it did energize me for the day. So I will see my chiropractor this week.

After the workout I decided to have a juice. It was really super good! So sweet, better than fresh squeezed orange juice out of a box. I used all the kale left over, probably 5 carrots, pineapple, lemon, and an orange.

For more info on juices and a juice fast I did click:


After getting ready I whipped up a quick breakfast from stuff we had. Raisin cinnamon toast, with a spinach salad, turkey, ham, cheese and hard-boiled eggs. Yum!

 We did make it to the farmer’s market with the rain, wind and cold. I also didn’t find any pumpkin beer today, BUT we found this place that has their own dairy and makes their own ice cream. So pumpkin ice cream was had! It was sooo good so we ordered a large pumpkin milkshake to share. And, I got this spread of veggies and fruit below for $14.

 After that more zombie shopping where we did actually buy some stuff today. A late lunch was devoured at Zpizza. I was so happy to find this place. I’ve been looking for a pizza joint locally for years that doesn’t do red sauce and offers more than sausage and pepperoni:( on a pizza! I’ve almost talked myself into opening my own place. To my sweet surprise it was all organic, natural ingredients, offered your choice of bread(wheat!), also offered gluten-free and vegan options. What?! And we’re talking pizzas with pear and gorgonzola! Chicken curry and ham pizzas! Pesto, feta, caramelized onions and pine nut pizzas! Sandwiches with arugula, albacore tuna and cucumbers! My kind of eats. So I had a “Mediterranean Rustica Calzone” with basil pesto sauce, mozzarella, feta, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, greek olives, oregano and pili pili oil. Chris had the “California Calzone” with organic tomato sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes, red onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, zuchinni, black olives. We didn’t know they were that big, we could shared one. O well.


About inpursuitofrealfood

I am a real health conscious food lover always in pursuit of real, great food! My journey began way back around 2000 when I realized it was time to grow up and eat better. Fast food was not cutting it and staples I grew up on such as burgers and spagetti were getting old. I also began trying a new diet experimenting with what I ate and how I felt as far as energy levels and keeping my skin clear. Since then it has been a rewarding journey in the kitchen trying new fruits and vegetables and tons of fantastic new recipes.
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12 Responses to Fall Sunday….

  1. andy1076 says:

    That’s really huge calzone, There’s no way I could of been able to finish one myself! yipes! quite the activity full day though huh! 🙂

  2. yummm i LOVE calzones. Those are huge and the perfect size for me!

  3. It makes me want a juicer. I tried to make “juice” in my blender once. Not a good result. 🙂 I love

  4. andy1076 says:

    Looks like i got some food hunting to do in Vancouver 🙂 the perfect calzone lol 🙂

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