A note on “Exercise” & “Cooking & Food”

I’ve been reworking this post all week and it’s never going to be done. So I’m just going to post it, I think you will ‘get’ what I’m saying. The ‘flood’ several weeks ago left problems with mold and my lingering cold. So- that is being fixed! It is a gloomy day today(several days ago now) and the sun started to flirt with the idea of maybe basking me in its rays while I embarked on my 3 mile morning run. My run was really enjoyable this morning and needed:) Pumpkin spice syrup (I made, see my post if interested  https://inpursuitofrealfood.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/coffee-pumpkin-spiced-coffee/ was had with some steel-cut oats after my run this morning. Actually, they were eaten everyday last week for breakfast, YUM!

While I ran thoughts kept coming to me about people’s comments lately on how laboring exercise is and even cooking. Or why I’m blogging about food and exercise. I think it’s easy for some to miss the point. It really shouldn’t be called ‘exercise’ or ‘cooking’. I think that’s yet another label society has put a negative spin on. Maybe running or any form of exercise should be called the ‘creating happiness’, ‘journey to enlightment'(hehe), ‘getting to know oneself’, ‘a beneficial/fun challenge” or ‘remarkably therapuetic’. Maybe cooking should be called, ‘being creative’, ‘intensly gratifying’, ‘amazingly therapuetic’ or ‘healing’. Maybe one just needs to tinker how they are labeling their thoughts before one engages in such activity. I mean I think most of societies thinking is ‘wrongo!’ and I tend to think the opposite usually on everything.

Nonetheless, either one could be called ‘addicting’. Not really addicting in the way people sit on facebook all day uploading tons of photos of themselves clicking away with their finger waiting for attention. I mean in the good way of how something could be ‘addicting’. I’m pretty sure we were all given a brain for a purpose, hands and feet, a nose, ears and emotions for a reason. Not really to sit and stare at our phones all hours of the day and click and point at things. In my opinion, not really to then get home and then sit in front of the computer or the tv and furthur click at things. Spend hours watching reality tv about others people’s lives when you could be living yours or bettering yours. Don’t get me wrong, not all TV is bad, not all computer clicking is bad, everyone needs a good zombie zoning out at something for several hours occasionally-but there is definitely a positive and negative attribute I’m getting at. For the most part it’s yet another example of where our culture is headed. And, people wonder why they are so unhappy, unfulfilled and stressed out. Your are supposed to be using your body to its advantage to better yourself and those around you. To me running could be compared to the idea of flying, it’s an escape that’s very hard to put into words. But, it gives me time to think, to rid all stress, to actually breathe properly, to feel, to appreciate, to challenge and to share. If a little pain rears its head when exercising, it’s a great indicator you are alive and things are working. Relish it, enjoy it, learn from it- unless, it’s actually pain telling you something was ripped or is now broken:)

Now food, in my opinion is a pretty satisfying experience too. You get to create something, make something out of all these ingredients. You are looking, smelling, tasting and using your hands and fingers. I think the act you are engaged in should remind you of where food comes from, how valuable it is, how valuable the earth is and you as well. Cooking and food should be shared with others. It shouldn’t be mom in the kitchen slaving away while everyone else sits in front of the tv waiting. I think its good practice for paying attention to life’s details and being in the moment. Cooking is very much like life. You will try things that will fail miserably, but you will learn from the experience. You will try again and it will be a huge success, it’s always a challenge. Or, it should always be a challenge. Who wants to wake up and have the same morning routine, go to the same job and watch tv every single night of their life for 30 years and then retire and do more of the same? Cooking is the same way, would you want to have spaghetti and meatballs every single night of your life? No- not me! Life’s about trying new things, challenges and variety-whether it’s food, exercise, your job or your outlook.

Also I’ve seen so many statements on blogs about people trying to lose weight and dieting. That’s all fine and good, good for you! I have trouble with how some can suddenly go on a diet and start eating things they aren’t used to and have it turn out to be successful. If it’s good and it worked for you, great! I don’t know much, but just a suggestion. Try reading some books on the brain and how it works when related to food or your life. If you aren’t understanding what exactly happens in your body when you eat a certain food or think a certain thought I don’t think habits will change easily. There is a huge disconnect. I think everything comes with a process, usually a lengthy one. All people relate to is, ‘brownies are bad’ and so is ‘fried chicken’ so I can’t eat them ever again if I want to improve myself. But, for instance, if you don’t understand what exactly bad oils, processed food, dyes, chemicals, preservatives etc… does once it hits your stomach and then goes through its processes throughout the body sending certain signals to the brain which in turn signals you to keep eating or continue to have certain cravings…see where I’m headed? And don’t say a run-on sentence, because that would be correct. So, just a suggestion, reading books on the brain are quite interesting and helpful when you are seeking information, trying to improve yourself and understand all things on a deeper level. I mean, after all, we are this body that’s being operated only by our brain and nothing else. If we didn’t have the brain we would be a lifeless clump on the ground.

So, some really cool blogs that relate to my POINT!

http://runningismagical.wordpress.com/   Yes, running is magical, I love the title of her blog and her blog! 🙂

http://jensfreshandfabulous.com/  A blog about “Creating NOT Cooking”, I love that and her blog!

http://thisgirlcanrun.wordpress.com/  She says “Running is her therapy” excellent choice of words and great blog!

http://www.fullmeasureofhappiness.com/   A food blog titled, “A Full Measure of Happiness – love yourself, love your food”  Excellent and wonderful blog!

and a really great blog I just found a couple of days ago that centers on health and food, very much how I believe…

http://sweetfatlies.wordpress.com/   I love a quote I saw on there, ” Eating healthy isn’t cheap-but neither are medical bills”…. great!

I’m sure there are many more and some I missed, I will update the list as I find them 🙂


About inpursuitofrealfood

I am a real health conscious food lover always in pursuit of real, great food! My journey began way back around 2000 when I realized it was time to grow up and eat better. Fast food was not cutting it and staples I grew up on such as burgers and spagetti were getting old. I also began trying a new diet experimenting with what I ate and how I felt as far as energy levels and keeping my skin clear. Since then it has been a rewarding journey in the kitchen trying new fruits and vegetables and tons of fantastic new recipes.
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9 Responses to A note on “Exercise” & “Cooking & Food”

  1. Ohhh I agree 100 percent!! My blog too is about explaining benefits of healthy cooking and staying healthy! Great work, keep it coming!!

  2. Kalli and Bill says:

    love this!

  3. WOO! Thanks for the mention and I’m so happy to see that you enjoy my blog!!!

    I turn to a lot of these blogs for new ideas (food, exercise, clothes, ANYTHING) just to shift my perspective and just try different things. It’s worked out so far!

  4. Kate says:

    I so agree! So great to ‘meet’ you and your blog- I’m so happy you liked mine so I could get to read yours!
    I also write another blog which I think you will like as well: Sharingthetable.wordpress.com
    Happy Blogging!

  5. Thanks for your shout out! I agree with so much that you said in this post–a “diet” needs to be a lifestyle that you are happy living, not something you suffer through to achieve something that you think will make you happy in the end.

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