Juice Fast – Day2

“Fasting is the greatest remedy– the physician within.”

Philippus Paracelsus, one of the three fathers of Western medicine


“Due to [the] effects of fasting, a fast can help you heal with greater speed; cleanse your liver, kidneys, and colon; purify your blood; help you lose excess weight and water; flush out toxins; clear the eyes and tongue; and cleanse the breath.”

James F. Balch, M.D., in Prescription for Nutritional Healing



“I often observe in the fasting participants that by four days of fasting, concentration seems to improve, creative thinking expands, depression lifts, insomnia stops, anxieties fade, the mind becomes more tranquil and a natural joy begins to appear. It is my hypothesis that when the physical toxins are cleared from the brain cells, mind-brain function automatically and significantly improves and spiritual capacities expands.”

Gabriel Cousins, M.D. (psychiatry)

Thought I would post some great quotes I found. Still going strong and feeling better already. I’m not going to post all my juices, but I’ll try. An interesting note, I’m on Day 2 of my juice fast and somehow I found the energy and want to rake the entire yard, sweep and clean up leaves from the entire back porch, mow the lawn, and then I went in and cleaned both bathrooms and put up like 6 loads of laundry. ? ! ? !  Yep-sure did!

A juice containing: A huge bunch of Kale, Spinach, Carrots, Celery, an Apple, a piece of fresh ginger and some lemon and orange. Yum!


The juice below is usually what I start off with in the mornings. It’s a sweet one, I then alternate through the day with sweet, green, sweet, green. But actually, they are all sweet since you can come up with your own concoctions.

A juice containing 1 apple, 2 pears and a piece of fresh ginger!



About inpursuitofrealfood

I am a real health conscious food lover always in pursuit of real, great food! My journey began way back around 2000 when I realized it was time to grow up and eat better. Fast food was not cutting it and staples I grew up on such as burgers and spagetti were getting old. I also began trying a new diet experimenting with what I ate and how I felt as far as energy levels and keeping my skin clear. Since then it has been a rewarding journey in the kitchen trying new fruits and vegetables and tons of fantastic new recipes.
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8 Responses to Juice Fast – Day2

  1. I think its really cool that your doing a juic fast! 🙂 I was thinking about doing one too a while ago but decided not to because I rather eat calories than drink them.. Plus, I dont think I would last a few days on a juice fast! 😛
    Also, I saw on someone elses blog and you would like an invite to Pinterest? If you havent been invited yet, I’d love to invite you!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I find that I get so tired so it’s so difficult to continue to fast. How long are you fasting? Does the juice help with energy levels?

    • hmm, are you drinking enough?! I know the first 2 days are tough, but once you make it past that your energy levels soar. At least, they did for me. This time though I’m not doing a ‘juice only’ fast, just about 75 % juice during the day and then a veggie/raw meal at night for about a week. And, much like last time, on Day 2 I felt recharged, awake, very clear-headed, and back in balance. I always get headaches on day 1 & 2 but those pass. But, I was interested to see what would be different this time since I’m doing juice & food… we shall see:)

  3. Ah, I’ll take my hat off to you. A very good thing to do before the ‘eating season’ that is christmas. The first juice I’m not so sure about, but the second looks yum!

  4. I love the green apple and pear juice… that sounds like it’s more up my alley even though I can’t get over the green color of it lol. Absolutely wonderful post.. thanks for sharing this

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