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Running snacks

  Thought I would share some more of my favorite running snacks. Usually I have just one banana like that, not two. That was a little too much:) The other one is just my favorite peanut butter(Smart Balance) on a … Continue reading

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More healthy runner’s treats/cookies…

Warmer weather is finally here! Hopefully it is here to stay! Yesterday the temp in the house was 80 degrees and we grilled and dedicated the day to yard work, which was so great. We also made it to a baseball … Continue reading

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My Green Energy

Today I went for a late run and might have over did it since I’m still not completely well, but feeling much better. It was such another gorgeous day with the heat that I love so dearly. I can’t believe … Continue reading

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These are photos from last fall, but I thought I would post it anyways, since it was gooood. I had been eating pomegranates all summer into fall for snacks and decided to make cinnamon rolls with them and some other ingredients.   … Continue reading

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Snacks I love…

Ask anyone from where I just graduated and they will tell you for the past few years my purse was always filled with goodies. Where else are you supposed to get nourishment from? The vending machine? ugh. They were always laughing … Continue reading

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