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My Runners Treats

If you already eat healthy and exercise regularly, these treats are you. Before I go for a run I always hydrate and have a snack, such as a Kashi bar or several spoons of my favorite peanut butter. These treats are pretty … Continue reading

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December Juice Fast

Yes! A juice fast in december, why not?! Except I’m not going hardcore like last time. I figure this time I will eat mostly raw, semi-vegetarian and include juices for at least the next two weeks to get my energy back up. … Continue reading

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Hearty Mixed Bean Winter Soup

Sometime when the temperatures dropped again last week I made this soup. I’ve had a bag of mixed beans sitting in my pantry since last year that I was finally able to use. These are very inexpensive too I might … Continue reading

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Turkey Chili

Chili, just one thing you can do with leftover turkey. This recipe is very similar to the chili/bean soups I’ve been posting lately, but this one is a new one! I just can’t get enough, especially when it’s cold outside. Recipe … Continue reading

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It’s cold…so I’m making Soup

First off, today was a 6 mile run in about 48 minutes! (Yesterday was a quick 1 miler with my dog, mainly for him and a good quick one for me since I didn’t have time for a long one.) I’m logging … Continue reading

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Cheesy Crunchy Nachos

So, a couple of days ago we had a craving for some cheesy nachos. Way back in the day I would make them with Velveeta like everyone does. gross! It never was good to me, never really tasted like cheese. It had that … Continue reading

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Blue & Green Flaxseed Energy Smoothie

Yes, blue & green, as in blueberries and spinach. I really wish I could remember where I saw recipes for these smoothies. I’m guessing some link from the ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ site after my juice fast. I saw … Continue reading

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A note on “Exercise” & “Cooking & Food”

I’ve been reworking this post all week and it’s never going to be done. So I’m just going to post it, I think you will ‘get’ what I’m saying. The ‘flood’ several weeks ago left problems with mold and my lingering cold. … Continue reading

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Rosemary Potato Soup

 Soup making season is here! Soup is so comforting, warm and satisfying when it’s cold outside. Last week I threw together this soup because it sounded good. I also have a huge rosemary bush that hasn’t really been used all … Continue reading

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Dog Food…

No, I don’t mean I’m eating dog food. My posts the other day of my dog Barty sitting by his dish begging way too early to be fed reminded me of their food also! They are people too 🙂 So … Continue reading

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