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Red & White Homemade Pizza

  You can’t fail at bread making as long as you pay attention to the dough and don’t try to bake it when it isn’t ready. Bread making is another one of those arts that is therapeutic. However, it’s a process … Continue reading

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Ginger Sesame Salad

Highly fragrant, sweet and pungent, ginger adds plenty of flavor and spice to any dish! Yesterday was salad left-overs! I had some fresh ginger leftover from some sugar-free cookies I had baked, so yes, I decided it would go into … Continue reading

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Running snacks

  Thought I would share some more of my favorite running snacks. Usually I have just one banana like that, not two. That was a little too much:) The other one is just my favorite peanut butter(Smart Balance) on a … Continue reading

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More healthy runner’s treats/cookies…

Warmer weather is finally here! Hopefully it is here to stay! Yesterday the temp in the house was 80 degrees and we grilled and dedicated the day to yard work, which was so great. We also made it to a baseball … Continue reading

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Brussel Sprout Pizza

That’s right. It might sound scary and like a strange experiment, but this pizza is somewhat addicting. I have made pizza before with these, but I didn’t want to heat the house up roasting them since the temps here have been … Continue reading

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My Runners Treats

If you already eat healthy and exercise regularly, these treats are you. Before I go for a run I always hydrate and have a snack, such as a Kashi bar or several spoons of my favorite peanut butter. These treats are pretty … Continue reading

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Hearty Flu-Breakfast Update

I’m baaack, after a very long break. It seems a mix of thanksgiving, christmas, new years and a vacation in Mexico was just too much for me. Also, my dog had to have knee surgery, so caring for him has … Continue reading

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Healthier Apple Pear Blueberry Pie

This season brings cravings for pie! I had a lot of fruit leftover from my juice fast(that was cut short)- so what else would you do with about 12 apples and pears?! A pie! Yes, and I also had some blueberries … Continue reading

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Chicken, Pear, Cranberry & Feta Salad

We are in the month of December I know. Even though it’s been in the 70’s every 3 days or so, which really doesn’t make it feel like winter. In addition, I had many things left from the ingredients I … Continue reading

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Juice Fast – Day3

Wow, sometimes it’s really hard to keep this updated. So, long story short, on day 3 of my juice fast my juicer decided to quit. Yes. Black and Decker continues to live up to their name. I still think it was … Continue reading

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