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Red & White Homemade Pizza

  You can’t fail at bread making as long as you pay attention to the dough and don’t try to bake it when it isn’t ready. Bread making is another one of those arts that is therapeutic. However, it’s a process … Continue reading

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Brussel Sprout Pizza

That’s right. It might sound scary and like a strange experiment, but this pizza is somewhat addicting. I have made pizza before with these, but I didn’t want to heat the house up roasting them since the temps here have been … Continue reading

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Mondays Eats…

*Warning: This is a long post*  The weather has been much warmer this week, except for all the rain here and there, so no oatmeal lately. I woke up this morning and pieced this breakfast sandwich together from a few … Continue reading

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Birthday Weekend

This past weekend 10 of us got together and went out to celebrate my husbands birthday. Unfortunately, heavy drinking was involved to the wee hour of 3am. Everyone needs a night like this occasionally. I think the last time we were … Continue reading

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Random Pizza/Juice Post…

Just wanted to post these I had in my photo folder. I really need to keep up with all my photos. These were the last of the pita pizzas and a random juice thrown in from last week. Enjoy!  This … Continue reading

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Fall Sunday….

Today was a productive day. Since my neck was hurting so bad yesterday I decided to get up and do a modified P90X workout. It was another cold, wet, dreary day so I didn’t feel like a run. I say modified because … Continue reading

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Saturday grillin’…

Probably one of the last weekends grilling out, maybe. So when we grill we usually grill more fruits and vegetables than anything. I personally don’t eat red meat and if I’m having a hotdog, it’s usually a turkey dog and … Continue reading

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Carrot Corn Pizzas

So, again…lucky me scores fruits and veggies from the neighbor AGAIN. yey! Seriously, the cantaloupe tastes as if its something that’s grown in heavens nestled among crispy chips, dark roasted coffee and white wine. huh? But really, like nothing I’ve ever tasted from the … Continue reading

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Eggplant Pizzas

 Every summer for years now I have made little pita pizzas. They are so good and can be made in no time. You can also customize them depending on what you’re in the mood for.  Some ideas of how I have … Continue reading

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