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Hearty Flu-Breakfast Update

I’m baaack, after a very long break. It seems a mix of thanksgiving, christmas, new years and a vacation in Mexico was just too much for me. Also, my dog had to have knee surgery, so caring for him has … Continue reading

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Chicken Curry

I decided to make this the other night because it was freezing outside and I wanted something hot and substantial. We also felt like going out, but didn’t have the funds-and honestly…why go out if you can make it better?! … Continue reading

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Bean & Veggie Lettuce Wraps & Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

So, I still haven’t been grocery shopping this week. So last night I whipped this dish up real quick with ingredients left throughout the kitchen. This time I made the organic quinoa with a package of romaine hearts that have … Continue reading

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Stuffed Summer Squash

 It is a little early to turn the oven on, but this is what I wanted. I’ve always made these with acorn squash which is really good. Butternut is better. I swear this was almost like a dessert, when you … Continue reading

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Rice Pulp Dish

 For more info on my juice challenge this post refers to click on an earlier post: https://inpursuitofrealfood.wordpress.com/2011/09/01/juice-fast-applepearjuice/ All that juicing made me feel a little guilty since on some of the juices (especially the green ones) a large amount was being … Continue reading

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